Orlando Cosplay Spotlight: Dave Brock





Dave Brock as Deadpool

Dave Brock as Deadpool

My name is Dave Brock. I am 42, been an entertainer all my life since I was 13.

Starting has a radio personality like my father. I’ve always been a fan of all Pop Culture. I grew up in foster and group homes. 18191610_1952924491608762_237881_nMy mother gave me up when I was eight years old and never meeting my father until I was 16. Most of my life was spent moving from foster home to foster, group home to group home, not having any role models. I looked to Wolverine and The X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman, Lobo, The Crow as my role models. While I was in a group in Seattle I was put into The Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. My mentor was Brandon Lee. He would be the man that taught me how to give back more than we take. If it wasn’t for the positivity Brandon had shown me in my darkest days. I would never be where I am today. Giving back to my community with The Justice League of Hope. My friends and family giving back to our community visiting children in hospitals or helping out families in needed in cosplay all year round.

12 years ago I started handing out stickers and fake tattoos to my guests at restaurants which where all Pop Culture related with a fabric mask of Spider-Man and Deadpool to create #UnbreakableSmiles and a positive vibe for all I met at my job. Even big kids at heart like myself. Key-chains, Graphic Novels, Comics, Stickers, Fake Tats. Anything I could get my hands on to give to my guests. 3 years ago some of my friends approached me a said I would like to join you in cosplay and visit hospitals and make a positive impact. At this time all I still had for cosplay was two fabric masks. No costume or suit. So I bought a pair of red pants 18197340_1952924511608760_881342219_nand a T-Shirt of Deadpool Suit and my friends pulled together anything together as I did to create our own costumes but then the most amazing thing happened. Akiim a major Cosplayer from New York who still this day, I have never met. Akiim just saw everything that we were doing in Colorado to help out our community makes two extreme Deadpool suits. calls up my phone one day and says check your front door!!! I lost it!!!! I dropped to my knees and balled like a baby. I can be a real cosplayer now!!! Still to this day I have never been to a major ComicCon. but every single day. I am in cosplay paying it forward to my community at work in Cosplay or walking around town helping the homeless, bringing awareness to suicide awareness or just jump out of the car with the suit on and my bag of smiles and start playing with kiddos and handing out goodies out of the bag of smiles and because cause of my friends of FB, friends in real life, and my family support my weird ways of expressing myself after 12 years of never giving up on who I am. my community excepts me and my friends of The Justice League of Hope and everyone in town and on social media truly look at us as Heroes!!!

Always Do you, never change for anyone. Even if they don’t except you. you keep at being you they will except you for who you are😀 make a Impact, make that Impact positive and you will see the #UnbreakableSmiles with those that join you and have faith in you!!!




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