International Sailor Moon Day


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Hold on to your crystals, cats, and bowties because International Sailor Moon Day (ISMD) is upon us. August 15th marks the one day out of the year where Sailors everywhere can run rampant in the streets in celebration of their Pretty Soldier fandom.

ISMD originated in 2012 with the New York City Sailor Moon Meet-Up and has since stretched to chapters all over the world, from San Francisco to São Paulo; Barcelona to Vancouver. Small gatherings of fans of different ages and backgrounds will take place in major cities all around the world, sharing photos and videos via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and basically every other social media site with the hashtags #ISMD, #SailorMoon, #InternationalSailorMoonDay #SailorMoonDay.

For the first time ever, the New York City branch is throwing an Official International Sailor Moon Day After Party at Villain in Williamsburg. The party is hosted by some big names in the Sailor Moon “commoonity” including Aaron Kolfage and Veronica So, founder of theLAN zine for the fashionable futurist. The afterparty will also include performances by Love Spread, Meesh, and Effie Liu. So if you’re in New York and want to show some of your moonie pride, grab a ticket and make your way down to Villains.

Here’s a taste of what you might see today:

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