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Happy Holidays Orlando Cosplay! Cosplayers can invest a large amount of time, personal funds and effort into creating looks that are one of a kind. They generally have a deep passion for what they do and it shows in their final product. This geeky girl who giggles a lot and makes cosplay can be found at your favorite conventions from Orlando to Tampa. Enter our curvy cosplayer, Xbox One gaming, Gypsy powered, Whovian Janice R. or by her cosplay name ‘Geeky Giggles Cosplay’. Now that cosplay / geek culture has entered into the mainstream, prefabricated costumes can be purchased at cons, stores, and online sites dedicated to cosplay culture. Janice produces all of her cosplay. And it is notable that creating your own cosplay requires a degree of artistry and technical skill to create approximations (even with variations) of characters.


Janice Devilish


“Be confident! I’ve always been curvy and was told by my mom and others that I was “too chubby” The day I stopped listening to them was the day I learned to love myself. “

1. Where did you come up with the name ‘Geeky Giggles Cosplay’?

Growing up on X-Men, Stargate, Star Wars, Quantum Leap, and Star Trek made me embrace my inner geek so that was a start. I have a really weird laugh that I can’t control, and people say it’s contagious. My family always said I had a case of the giggles which has followed me all my life.  So, after short debate Geeky Giggles Cosplay came to exist.

2. How long have you been cosplaying and how did you get into cosplay?

My first cosplay and comic con experience was at Megacon Orlando in 2014. I debuted my Felicia Hardy Black Cat with a black tutu. I enjoy creating my own version of characters outfits and was instantly at home after my first comic con. The fact that I can “nerd out” and recreate characters with other people was a done deal for me.

3. What do you enjoy most about cosplaying?

The fandom and the friends I have gained from attending. Also, being a curvy cosplayer, I love empowering others do cosplay whatever character they want, no matter what you look like! My cosplay friends are all amazingly talented individuals and appreciate the fandom as much as me.

4. Are you inspired by anyone for your cosplaying?

Vixen FX cosplay (aka Danielle) was my inspiration from the beginning. She is a personal friend of mine who empowered me to get into cosplay. Never did I think I would take a sewing class and learn how to make props after all this time. I’m also inspired by several other talented cosplayers such as Ivy doom kitty and Jessica Nigri.

5. What future projects are you working on?

That’s a hard question. I have several projects going on at once, but as of right now I know I will be doing a female Barf from Space balls and am going to revamp my Poison Ivy. My dream is to create an armor build in the near future with a group. I’m always coming up with new ideas for the love of fandom.


Janice is an incredibly joyful cosplayer. She never forgets to have fun while always moving forward in her pursuit of expanding her skills. I think she incredibly versed and talented. She lights up a con floor.” Describes Danielle B. of “Vixen FX Cosplay”, a long time friend.


Courtesy Geeky Giggles Cosplay / Vixen FX Cosplay

Courtesy Geeky Giggles Cosplay / Vixen FX Cosplay


Courtesy Geeky Giggles Cosplay / Vixen FX Cosplay

Courtesy Geeky Giggles Cosplay / Vixen FX Cosplay


From the Orlando Cosplay family to yours, we wish you a Happy Holiday full of joy and gratitude. You can see Geeky Giggles Cosplay at her next con Holiday Matsuri in December. For more on Geek Giggles Cosplay and Vixen FX Cosplay check out the social media links below!

Geeky Giggles Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geekygigglescosplay
Geeky Giggles Cosplay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geekygigglescosplay
Vixen FX Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldfatcosplay
Vixen FX Cosplay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vixenfxcosplay

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