Comprehensive List of Meetups During Megacon 2017




Looking to meet fellow Orlando Cosplayers at Megacon? With the expanding Cosplay community comes more conventions. This year alone, there are almost 100 cons in Florida alone and growing! It can get overwhelming trying to find everything, so we made a list of most of the community events that can be found on Facebook during MegaCon. Take a look!




Megacon Related Meetups & Photoshoots

  • List still being updated as of 5/5/2017
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Orlando Cosplay Recommended Orlando Cosplay Recommended Orlando Cosplay Recommended


May 25th – MegaCon Meet Up Days Hosted by Deevee Z and Banzai POP

May 25th – MAX Shot First at Megacon Hosted by MAX  Orlando Cosplay Recommended 

May 25th – Harlequinarts Cosplay at Megacon! Hosted by Harlequinarts Cosplay and Crafts

May 25th – MegaCon 2017 Orlando (photo/Steve Branyon) Hosted by BeaslePunk: Award-Winning Artists Don & Janet Beasley

May 25th – Cosplay Standouts Megacon 2017 Hosted by The Anime Alliance

May 25th – Victorieux Photography Shoots at Megacon Hosted by Victorieux Photography

May 25th – Nerdcore Photo at Megacon Hosted by Nerdcore Photo

May 25th – Kuaz FX at Megacon 2017 Hosted by Estelia

May 25th- Rage Cosplay at Megacon Hosted by Rage Cosplay

May 25th- Beaslepunk at Megacon 2017 Hosted by Beaslepunk

May 26th – The Official MegaCon After Parties Hosted by Moshi Moshi Productions Orlando Cosplay Recommended 

May 26th – Animated Loves Photoshoot at MegaCon Hosted by John Smith

May 26th – MegaCon 21+ Year 2 Hosted by Brent Warren

May 26th – TKirk’s Megacon Photoshoots by TKirk Photos

May 27th – Deadpool Meetup at Megacon 2017! Hosted by Marty and Scott Peavy Orlando Cosplay Recommended

May 27th – MegaCon 2017 Overwatch Meet Hosted by Deevee Z and Banzai POP

May 27th – Megacon 2017 Photoshoot Hosted by Romey Best Capture

May 27th – MegaCon 2017 Spider-Verse Flashmob! Video-shoot & Photoshoot! Hosted by Make ‘Em Laugh Films

May 27th – Megacon Pokemon Cosplayers Unite Hosted by Pikabellechu

May 27th – The Marvel Photoshoot at MegaCon Hosted by Thomas J. Galvin III Orlando Cosplay Recommended

May 27th – Naruto MegaCon 2017 meet up Hosted by Samskers

May 27th – Ghostbusters Dinner at MegaCon 2017 Hosted by Jason Rawley 

May 27th – Megacon 21+ Party! Hosted by Rocky Rivera

May 28th – The Megacon ANIME Costume Contest (presented by Wasabi Anime®) Hosted by MegaCon Convention and Wasabi Anime

May 28th – Megacon Fairy Tail Meet Up Hosted by Samskers

May 28th – Megacon DC Photoshoot 2017 Hosted by Greg Hemmann

May 28th – Megacon Disney Creations Shoot & Gathering Hosted by Sasha Beers

May 28th- DC Superhero Social at Megacon Hosted by Florida Con-Artists


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Let me know if we missed any and comment if there’s any events that need to be added. Hope to see everyone there.

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