Melrose Center Creative Expo!



Upon arriving at the event, I met Kevin (in the elevator), who is the founder of He informed me of his exhibit, and it sounded interesting, so I had to check it out! Like Orlando Cosplay, there is no cost to join and no dues.

OrlandoRobotics 2

“We love to share our knowledge of robotics, 3D Printing, radio controlled airplanes, micro-controllers, and other Maker projects.  Our members have a variety of skill sets ranging from newbies, students, graphic designers, technical editors as well as mechanical, electrical and software engineers.  We all share a common passion for making fun things and have begun to collaborate on projects such as the 2015 Maker Faire exhibit.  We welcome your new ideas and hope to get folks excited about making and continuously improving our group.”

Kevin of Orlando Robotics 


Next, I stopped by at WordPress or Orlando. The team was very helpful and pleasant. If you need help with WordPress, or want to learn something new and meet great people in the Orlando community, check them out.






Slack Channel:

“The WordPress Foundation is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting and growing the worldwide WordPress community. If you’re not an Orlando local, they have listings of other groups across the globe” 

They even had VR Boxing! Enough said.



Loved seeing the Tourist City Ghostbusters!


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