Joysticks Arcade Lounge and Retro Bar Has Arrived in Downtown Orlando!






Always dreaming of and constantly searching for the ultimate place to hang out brought Addie and Jeff to the decision of: if you can’t find it, Build it!  So here we are, building the ultimate 80’s themed, retro arcade and bar. Were teaming up to create our next adventure.  Joysticks has been a lifelong dream for us, so we cant wait to share it with all of you!


Hello fellow Cosplayers! Now everyone knows I love to Snap Chat my nights out and many of you have been asking “What is that place you went to on Friday night?“. Enter Joysticks Arcade Lounge and Retro Bar a concept and creation of Addie Hassel and fiance Jeffrey Stelter. As you first enter through the front door you don’t know what to expect. As you arrive to the top of the stairs you see a brilliant sight of people laughing with Joysticks very own Sock Stars (in time era neon costume). There is a main stage for live music to the immediate right when walking in. As you look to the left you see something familiar, something from your childhood. The music is a cross between 80s / 90s and movie soundtracks. Stayin’ Alive by the Bees Gees from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was playing as I walked in. The wall is lined with your most favorite childhood games.


Mary M. in a Sock Star Uniform

Mary M. in a neon Sock Star Uniform


There are a number of lounge areas, notably the Joysticks Light Saber Lounge and The Never Die VIP lounge. There is also a stage for live music which will feature local performers. The main bar features a donkey Kong type display for bottles available.



The “Never Say Die” VIP lounge is an homage to one of the greatest films of all time! Hang out with One Eyed Willy in his tavern full of treasures and memorabilia! Try the Truffle shuffle shot, or the refreshing Chester Copper-pot. Be greeted and taken care of by your own private VIP host and spend the evening scouring through Goonies props that will bring you back! Down here.. its your time! – Joysticks




Let’s talk about drinks. Here is a partial list I gathered from the Joysticks Website.

The Q*Bert
A delicious blend of flavored rums, watermelon pucker orange juice and cream come together in our house favorite. Topped off with a scoop of orange sherbet, this one is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again.

Red Shirt Dead For Sure
Patron Reposado blended with fresh strawberries, lemon and ginger create the ultimate twist on a margarita! One sip, and this drink will be gone as quickly as a red shirt..

The Tink!
Our take on the classic Absinthe. Our tiny but strong serving of green fairy absinthe, served with a sugar cube, and our secret recipe Pixie dust Rim! Caution, trips to Neverland may occur!

Elvira’s Love Potion
Absolute Ruby Red vodka and Grapefruit liquor partners with cranberry and a sour twist in a potion you are sure to fall in love with, the sugar coated rim is only bonus.

Poison Ivy
We at joysticks feel that if this femme fatale had her own drink it would be a mojitio thats as beautiful yet dangerous as she. Try our take on a pomegranate Mojito with a Poison Ivy twist.

The Mad Pac-Man
A refreshing and delicious drink that is better than any power pellet! Fresh strawberries apples and lemons are muddled and combined with ginger and tequila! After one of these you will definitely be 1 up!

Donkey Kong
Cool down and enjoy this creamy cocktail mixed with dark rum, banana rum, ceme de banana and a splash of grenadine. Of course garnished with fresh banana slices and a cherry. If Donkey Kong was this good, Pauline would never want to get rescued.




Walking in along the wall there are a variety of games including my favorites: Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat, Mario Bros., Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong – all in vintage arcade fashion. However, I would say the main attraction and a personal favorite is the “Fire Storm Blacklight” air hockey table.

The crowd is not your typical downtown crowd very friendly, you can tell everyone is generally relaxed and having a really good time. Grease was playing on the TV with John Travolta smiling just adding even more to the positive vibe here. Even ran into a couple of friends from middle school I haven’t seen in years.




Plenty of places to sit (Haunted Mansion / Jaws sections ). The wall adorns with movie quotes you remember from your childhood. The staff is friendly and even on a Friday night you can still manage to get a drink in under three minutes as I am jotting my thoughts down sitting here with Microsoft OneNote in preparation for this writing, one of the Sock Stars asked me how I liked the “Flying Cauldron” butter beer. (They were really great with paying attention to every customer.)




The very best thing about Joysticks Arcade besides the atmosphere is that all the games are in FREE PLAY MODE! There is so much more to say, but you have to see it for yourself. Personally, this is my new favorite arcade spot.


Addie Hassel and Jeffrey Stelter

Addie Hassel and Jeffrey Stelter


Currently, Joysticks have a special going for Cosplayers that come in full costume, your first drink is 50% off. See you all out there!


Joysticks Arcade Lounge

Address: 69 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 613-5007
Hours: 8PM – 2AM

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