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Looking to meet fellow Orlando Cosplayers at Megacon? With the expanding Cosplay community comes more conventions. This year alone, there are almost 100 cons in Florida alone and growing! It can get overwhelming trying to find everything, so we made a list of most of the community events that can be found on Facebook during Megacon.

Click the links below to RSVP on Facebook.


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Deadpool Meetup – Hosted by Marty of Orlando Cosplay

7th Unofficial Megacon Afterparty– Hosted by Moshimoshi Productions    –   Buy tickets

Marvel Vs DC Cosplay Gathering -Hosted by Neptacular Cosplay

Marvel Meetup and Photoshoot

Cosplay is For Everyone Meetup– Hosted by George of C.I.F.E (Facebook group) and Marty of Orlando Cosplay

Fairy Tail Meetup! – Hosted by Faity Tail Guild

Spidey-verse Meetup and Photoshoot -Hosted by Sleeping Fox Cosplay / Make ‘Em Laugh Films/marvellercosplay

Naruto Meetup -Hosted by SamskersCosplay

Megacon 2016 Marvel Vs DC Dance Off – Hosted by Chasing the Wind Photography 

BioShock Meetup – Hosted by MerricatDesign

Fallout Meetup and Photoshoot -Hosted by Wasteland Cosplay

Borderlands Photoshoot and Meetup -Hosted by Powerline Props

Blizzard Game Meetup– Hosted by Lu, Vors, and Chibi Cosplay

Star Wars Invades Megacon! – Hosted by Nymph Peace Cosplay

Disney Gathering and Photoshoot

Bleach Meetup -Hosted by KristinaofAmazon

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Celebration and Photoshoot -Hosted by PikaBelleChu

Love Live Meetup

League of Legends Meetup and Photoshoot -Hosted by Leaping Lizard Cosplay

Homestuck Photoshoot


Megacon Related Meetups

Mashup Madness and MEGA Art Event and Pre-Party -Hosted by Gods and Monsters

Megacon Official Event Page – Hosted by Megaconvention

Megacon 2016 Event Fan Page

Megaconvention Volunteer Network (Not an actual event)

Megacon 2016 Event Planning – Hosted by Levon of Orlando Cosplay

Cosplay Deviants at Megacon 2016 – Hosted by Cosplay Deviants (

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at Megacon!– Hosted by Megaconvention

~*~MegaCon~*~ – Hosted by Cosplayers R US

Megacon 21+Up party -Hosted by Rocky



DC Photoshoot – Hosted by Greg

My Little Pony Photoshoot 

MIG Photography World Photoshoot

Figments Media Photoshoot– Hosted by Figments Media

Megacon Cosplay Portraits– Hosted by Seeker Photography

Max at Megacon – Hosted by Max

RomeyRo Films Photoshoot

Megacon 2016 Photoshoots -Hosted by BriLanImagery

DCC Productions: Free Shoots at Megacon – Hosted by DCC Productions

Tiger Shot Productions Photoshoot -Hosted by Tiger Shot Productions

Short Fuse Cosplay Shoots -Hosted by Short Fuse Pinups


Tabletop/Board Games

Megacon: Cards Against Humanity


Hopefully I got most of them! Let me know if we missed any and comment if there’s any events that need to be added.

Hope to see everyone there











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