How To Prepare For Your Next (or first) Cosplay Convention

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by Levon Clark III

Cosplay conventions are exciting! And Orlando has no short supply. Attending these conventions are like a mini vacation and with a little planning your experience will be a memorable one. I’ve created a sort of loose planning guide for attending your next (or first) convention in three stages: The months leading up to the convention, the week before and the day of the convention.

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The Months Leading Up to the Convention

Whether the convention is six months away or three months away it’s important to make a budget. Again it’s important to start by making a budget.

Cosplay Money

You must determine how much money you are going to need for this particular convention. This will be the foundation of your trip and with proper planning you will have a stress free experience. Some things you want to include in your budget are: hotel, food, transportation, merchandise and of course the ticket or badge. Timing is everything. Buy tickets as early as possible. Conventions tend to charge more as the date approaches and at the door. (Most pre-ticket sales cost less and you’ll wait in a shorter line). If you work make sure you schedule time off. If you are currently in school and have the ability to schedule around classes the same rules apply.

Hyatt Regency Orlando

Hotel scouting and travel arrangements are also a good thing to do months before. If you can’t stay with a friend in the area, look for a hotel within your budget. If possible book with friends or fellow cosplayers, this of course will make it cheaper for you. If you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile calculate the cost of a round trip. If possible, carpool.

Weeks Before the Convention

Cosplay to Do List


By this time the media guest list should have been released along with any artists and other special guests that may be in attendance.

  • Make a list of the artists you want to visit.
  • Make a list of any panels or special events you would like to attend. (Note the times)
  • Make a list of any items you would like to buy at the convention. (this will also give you time to readjust your budget)
  • Figure out what time you need to be at the convention to pick up your tickets (times may vary).
  • Make a list of all the things you need to pack. (Don’t forget that one LED light for your costume).

The Day Of the Convention

You’ve come along way in the past few months and you have everything planned. You are checked into your hotel with your friends. You had a good nights rest. You have your costume ready to go. Today is going to be great. Have a good breakfast and enjoy the convention.

Some handy items to take with you:

  • Cell phone with charger. (outlets are plentiful at most convetions)
  • Your photo ID and some spending cash.
  • Any ticket confirmation numbers.


See you all out there!

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