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Incredible Hulk & Iron Man

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Here is something unique and new — Cosplay fruit! That’s right. These insane works of art come from Cosplayer David Looney. Take a look at his works below. (Click for full size images).


Superman Orange

Superman by David Looney.

Spiderman Apple

Spiderman Apple by David Looney

Incredible Hulk & Iron Man

Hulk Apple and Iron Man Orange by David Looney

Orlando Cosplay: What was the last convention you attended?

Looney: That would be MegaCon 2014.

Orlando Cosplay: What made you wanna use fruit for your art pieces?

Looney: I just saw potential superheroes in them. It’s all I had to work with at my cubicle.

Orlando Cosplay: Out of all your previous cosplaying, what would you say are your favorites?

Looney: I would have to say John Goodman from the Big Lebowski.

John Goodman Big Lebowski

David Looney as John Goodman

David Looney as John Goodman

Looney: My second would be Guy Rieri (TGI Fridays fame).

Guy Fieri - TGI Fridays

Guy Fieri – TGI Fridays

David Looney as Guy Fieri

David Looney as Guy Fieri

Orlando Cosplay: What would be your next cosplay if you could think of anything off the top of your head?

Looney: My dream cosplay is an original Stormtrooper. One I think I could roll with now (until I lose some weight) would be Alan from the Hangover series since I’m rockin the beard right now.


You can see more of David Cosplay fruit art on the Orlando Cosplay Instagram.

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