Orlando Cosplay Exclusive: Arc Reactor Unboxing from TheArcCosplay on Etsy


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Here is a visual aid in case you are in the market for an arc reactor and want to see what it looks like when it arrives. I order all my arc reactors from an Etsy shop called TheArcCosplay

Price: 21.99 USD

The reason I chose this shop is the size and diameter is perfect for fitting onto your chest without looking too bulky. The design is also simple and luminous luminous, while still being lightweight. So far, I have ordered about 4 of them for my costumes.


This item is handmade

Diameter: 3.25 inches

Size: 3.25 x 1.25 inches

Weight: 3 ounces

Material: Plexiglass

Ships out of Georgia worldwide 

Here are a few pictures

Arrival in box


Wrapped in wax paper and padded

Unwrapped. Comes with 2 batteries for testing purposes. 


Front view. Total of 9 bulbs. 


Back view


Pencil for scale (3.25 inches)


Side View (1.25 inches)


Positive and negative to hook up battery pack


Battery pack is available here: Battery Box

Please note, the wires for the battery box aren’t long enough to go from your pocket (Where battery box is held) to your chest (Where arc reactor will sit). To rectify this problem, I purchased extra red/black wire here:  Red/Black wire

The way you attach the wires to your body is up to you, however I used Velcro straps. Velcro straps are available here: Velcro Straps.

Next, I made a harness out of this by wrapping it around my chest and cutting it to size accordingly. Then, I cut a piece off from the Velcro and hot glued it to my plexi glass backing on the arc reactor.


I turned this one on and wired it into a vest I have from SixSixOne

Vest Before


Next, I used an exacto knife and cut a circle approximately 3.25 inches in diameter in the middle of the vest, around the “1” logo while staying inside the stitching on the vest. It’s a perfect fit.

Vest After

2015-03-22 20.12.04

Arc reactor in action (under shirt) at MegaCon 2015


The only complaint I have with this method is if you move frequently in your costume, and don’t watch out, you can fray the wires , shorting the arc reactor out. I am still perfecting ways to move about in the suit without damaging the electronics. Using tape to secure the wires down to your body prevents anything from catching on them. Always make sure your wires are insulated. It’s also a good to bring some extra batteries and a repair kit out to cons when working with LEDs. I’ve experienced tons of times when they’ve come in handy!

I highly suggest TheArcCosplay to anyone who wants to incorporate arc reactors into their costume.

Shipping is also super quick!

Order here: TheArcCosplay on Etsy






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