Orlando Cosplay Exclusive: Amazing Age of Ultron Cosplay from Argentina


Mendoza, Argentina – September 11th, 2015 –  These pictures came to Orlando Cosplay exclusively from the owner of the suit. This comes from Claudio Montes from Mendoza, Argentina. The Ultron suit was made from the art of papercraft called Pepakura. The base is a foam build with aluminum plating and blue and red LED’s. This project took Claudio 4 months to build.







More of Claudio’s work.


Orlando Cosplay: What is Pepakura?

Montes: Pepakura is a form of papercrafting. Pepakura is also the name of the program needed to print 3D models. This also known as “Pep” for short.  Many people use paper or foam as a base, then go over it with different materials such as bondo or clay. This can be followed by paint, resin and fiberglass if desired.

Check out The Pepakura LIbrary on Facebook if you want to get started in papercrafting along with www.pepakuralibrary.com.

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