[VIDEO] MegaCon 2015 Mega Deadpool Party!


At mega Con 2015 I had the honor of being swept up into a sea of Deadpool. Anyone who has been to the cons the last couple of years I’m sure have noticed the clever anti-hero in just about every 5 feet of walking space. There are female deadpool, Nintendo Mario Deadpool, tiny Deadpool, gangsta Deadpool, and countless others. I’ve cosplayed as Deadpool a few times and this year I went as Ironpool, a perfect(and contetious) mix of Marvel heroes. A passing by Deadpool cosplayer spotted me in my Ironpool costume and said to me, “Hey! Deadpool meetup at 3:00 pm in the lobby!” It seemed pretty ominous, similar to being summoned to a secret club meeting where the first rule is you don’t talk about said club. Of course I had to go check it out. That’s when I was swarmed by my brethren. I had stumbled upon Deadpool Nation.


This is actually video of the group I was introduced to when I first arrived.

(Video credit goes to Richard Wilkins on Youtube)

We started a conga line (because we’re Deadpool) and even had our own entrance music played by a fellow cosplayer group sitting outside the cafeteria. (Whoever you are, you are awesome, thank you)

(Video credit goes to Spewtato on Youtube)

We proceeded down the escalator soon after

(Video credit goes to Jennifer Jason on Youtube)

Deadpools Everywhere!!

(Video credit goes to Nicole Santana on Youtube)

We stopped to take a break from all the dancing to do some more dancing 

(Video credit goes to CosconTV on Youtube)

DJ Deadpooly and the Deadpool Nation putting on a show

(Video credit goes to Bowzer5 on Youtube)


Breakdance Battle!

(Video credit goes to Eddie DeJesus on Youtube)

The parade as we were leaving

(Video credit goes to Richard Wilkins on Youtube)

Sunday Deadpools Kept the Party Going!

(Video credit goes to Orlando Cosplay on Youtube)

(Lady Deadpool with the Ninja Turtles mug is hilarious)

There’s also this short Vine that I found I (Ironpool) am in along with a few others.

If anyone has any more Deadpool related MegaCon videos/pics please submit them to us!


Deadpool Nation on Facebook


Thanks for all the Deadpools and fellow con-goers who made this day one of the most fun-filled days I have had.



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