How to Incorporate LED Lights Into Your Costume


Hello everyone. A lot of people have been asking me how I make my costumes. One thing I almost always use now are LED lights.

Here are some really good videos that I personally used to achieve this.

Credit to KRSProps on Youtube

KRSProps Youtube Channel


Once you have them wired to your battery box, you can use Velcro or electrical tape to mount them to your costume.

Personally, I like to use the Velcro that comes in rolls at craft stores along with sticky Velcro so I can mount the battery box to band around my wrist.

Materials can be found online or in craft shops.

Here is my personal cosplay shopping list for LED incorporated suits:

Velcro Roll

Stick Velcro Strips

Hand Wraps

Battery Boxes (You can get smaller ones as well)

Red and Black Wire

Wire Strippers

Mini Hot Glue Gun



Wiring Tutorial: Credit to: MillerModPc’s


To wire the LED lights, you connect the red/black wires accordingly to the battery box, where you will also have your red/black wires.

You will have to strip the wires using the wire strippers first and then tie them together and seal them with hot glue, electrical tape, or solder them. However you choose to do this, it’s important to be sure your wires are properly insulated.

It’s highly recommended you use resistors also, but its not required. Without resistors, your battery will drain faster.



After using these tutorials and learning about the basics of wiring, I created these LED setups for my Ermac costume to give my hands a green energy ball effect.

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