Hello Cosplayers!

Deadpool couch

I wanted to formally introduce myself.

My name is Marty and I am 31 years old. A few passions of mine include  gaming, computers, animals, nerd culture, and cosplay. I got into cosplay a few years ago with MegaCon 2013 being my first con.

Here’s how it started:

Friend- “You should dress as this guy Aang and go to Megacon!”

Me-“What’s an Aang?” (I know, don’t kill me please!)

Friend- “OMG”

Me- “Hangs head in shame” 

Me-(After doing my research) “Okay sounds awesome I’ll go!”

That began my journey into engaging in the cosplay community. I made a few suits and outfits before, but this was my first real venture into the community.

Enter MegaCon 2013.


When I arrived, I was pretty amazed at how many people there are out there just like me. I didn’t have to feel akward in an environment I wasn’t comfortable in. Everyone was pretty welcoming and treated others like equals. The best part was, I didn’t have to worry about having nothing to talk about. My favorite part was taking pictures with the families that were there who stopped me. There was always a common shared interest with anyone there and what I really admired was the respect for others. This wasn’t a place where people felt unsafe. It was a feeling of comfort being I spent most of my life being shy and at loss of what to say or do.

MegaCon 2014

Deadpool couch

MegaCon 2015


When I put on the suit, I don’t feel shy or afraid. Any other cosplayers know exactly what I’m talking about. When you are in costume you feel like you are finally free. As a gamer, it’s the same as that, being an alter ego without stresses while having fun, just in person with others at a huge event.

More and more, costuming became a passion of mine after that first event. I have played Riddick, The Punisher, Resident Evil Umbrella Agent, Aang, Iron Sub Zero, Ironpool, Deadpool, Ermac, and Deathstroke.


I wanted to start a community where cosplayers can communicate without fear or judgement, and share their ideas.

As a result, I founded Orlando Cosplay earlier this year.

Thanks for everyone’s support so far. Feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or suggestions, as we’re always open to them.

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